What if planning a VBAC was less about risk and more about YOU?

More about how you want to birth and the mindfulness and constructive work you need to get there?

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Welcome fellow ceasarean mama. Lets talk....

So you want to have a VBAC? In fact you want a VBAC so much that you're scared to admit it, because it will make you even more disappointed if doesn't happen. 

Then comes the fear. Fear it will happen and birth will be so painful that you will regret ever wanting one, or you'll do all the 'right' things and you'll have a cesarean anyway. 

I totally get it. I read the books and felt like a PS. Like an afterthought. I needed something that knew how I felt. So I created it. Read more about the hypnobirthing e-course, only for mums birthing by caesarean.

We're in This Together

How to Have a VBAC

None of my friends had birthed by caesarean. But more than that. They didn't get it. They kindly tried to soothe my worries (but this felt dismissive), or thought I was crazy for wanting to birth through my vagina when I could take the perceived easy way out (which left me questioning my own sanity). 

But we get you. We have been there or we ARE there right now. We have the same visceral desire to VBAC and similar anxieties keeping us up at 3AM.

We've got your back.

Birth Knowledge is Birth Power


How can you make an informed decision without information? Here are your how to guides, birth rights fist pumps, inspirational stories, and my VBAC Homebirth diary. 

The Hive Mind

Healing Your Previous Birth


'At least the baby is healthy' we are told as we try to share the tide of emotions around our births. And soon this is forgotten between issues with latch and suppressed because we should be over this now! Right?

No wonder then when we are pregnant or thinking about pregnancy all these feelings bubble up. But there are real ways to help you.

More about how can I support you.

"Women who 'self-select', that is, who make their own decision that a VBAC is right for them, have the highest VBAC rates of around 90+%"

Birth After Caesarean by Jenny Lesley



How to Have a VBAC Group

A closed facebook group for anyone in the UK or beyond who wants to connect with other mothers planning their positive births after a previous caesarean.

North Herts Positive Birth Movemement

Second Wednesday each month, 12.30 pm - 2.30 pm

The Secret Garden, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK

More details available on Facebook.

North Herts PBM Positive Birth Movement

Birth Rebels

A closed facebook group where you can connect with other mothers who are birthing in a way which feels right for them, but maybe a little differently than the mainstream.