Top Five Tips for VBAC Mothers

Positive Birth Nerd

Here are my five top tips for your VBAC Birth. As a VBAC mother myself and a Wise Hippo Birthing Programme for VBAC Mothers Instructor I wanted to do a video which shows a summary of advice for those preparing for their own VBAC.

I hope you Enjoy. Please let me know what you think and how you are preparing for your VBAC.

Love Michelle xoxox

Mimi Brooks

Birth has changed me. I had an emergency caesarean for un-diagnosed breech, a hospital VBAC,(vaginal birth after caesarean), and a HBAC (home birth after caesarean). Through these now 6 + years of pregnancy, preparing my mind for birth after caesarean, believing in my body, and a hell of a lot a breastfeeding, I've grown in confidence, strength, and found my calling. As a book nerd turned birth nerd I'm called to read everything and write whenever I get a second to gather my thoughts between the school run and cleaning up yogurt finger prints. With the residual brain of each day I love to share experiences and support with mothers on my Facebook group 'How to Have a VBAC'.

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