Birth Preparation Statistics to Change your Partner’s Mind

Birth Preparation Statistics To Change Your Partner’s Mind
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Birth Preparation Statistics To Change Your Partner’s Mind

Even the most sceptical partner could not refute the awesome statistics published by The Wise Hippo Birthing Program in 2015. 


I’ll give you seven of the best: 


1. ‘100% of Wise Hippo Birthing clients have
told us that they know that their baby had the right birth on the day.’


Really doesn’t get better than the right birth on the day! Birth is not just a means to an end but an event. If this can be the right birth on that momentous day, then bravo.



2. The induction rate for The Wise Hippo mothers* was half that of the national average at only 12.5%.


I was personally really scared of induction with my second as I felt being induced would affect my ability to have a VBAC. So I really wanted to avoid induction.  I went into spontaneous labour at 38 weeks and I think this is because of the visualization exercises I did and telling my body and baby that I was ready, to soften and to open.


3. ‘100% of respondents felt prepared and confident about their birth after they had completed their classes and that they were able to successfully use what they had learnt during their labour and birth.’



I think this shows a value not just on the day (which of course is marvellous too) but that ‘feeling prepared and confident about their birth’ before the event, is so important. Swapping the shadow of birth anxiety in those last days of pregnancy for confidence allows the enjoyment of that special time before the baby arrives. 



4. The Caesarean section rate for The Wise Hippo mothers* was less than two thirds of the national figures 


Time to celebrate!
Without even speaking of the medical reasons to high five less sections – if you can cut that figure so women who do not want surgery don’t have to have surgery, well that just all my birthdays rolled into one. 



5. ‘100% of respondents have also said that they were able to make calm, informed choices.’


I feel this is a huge contributing factor towards ‘the right birth on the day’. Being able to stay calm in that moment, to ask the question, makes you more than a passenger but a driver in your birth. If this is asking to wait a few minuets longer before having an intervention or deciding to hand over to the medical team. Feeling you had a choice is paramount. 



6. Over 7x more Homebirths for The Wise Hippo mothers* compared to the national average. 


For a women to feel empowered enough to choose where she feels comfortable to birth is tantamount to a basic human right. IMHO.



7. Overall 88% of The Wise Hippo mothers required no drugs during labour or had gas and air. 


The key is the word required.
If you feel you would like something other than gas and air, great. Its all about the right birth on the day. 


To see the stats in full go to the blog tab or click here.




Michelle xoxo
*The Wise Hippo mothers referred to are those who completed the survey and by which the statistics have been calculated.

Mimi Brooks

Birth has changed me. I had an emergency caesarean for un-diagnosed breech, a hospital VBAC,(vaginal birth after caesarean), and a HBAC (home birth after caesarean). Through these now 6 + years of pregnancy, preparing my mind for birth after caesarean, believing in my body, and a hell of a lot a breastfeeding, I've grown in confidence, strength, and found my calling. As a book nerd turned birth nerd I'm called to read everything and write whenever I get a second to gather my thoughts between the school run and cleaning up yogurt finger prints. With the residual brain of each day I love to share experiences and support with mothers on my Facebook group 'How to Have a VBAC'.

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