Too Sick to Sleep Late Night Pregnant Rant. My VBAC Diary: Page 4

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Positive Birth Nerd

Going to sleep at the same time as the children, then waking up in the middle of the night because you are too sick to sleep! This and other late night musings from a preggo!

Love, Michelle xoxo

Mimi Brooks

Birth has changed me. I had an emergency caesarean for un-diagnosed breech, a hospital VBAC,(vaginal birth after caesarean), and a HBAC (home birth after caesarean). Through these now 6 + years of pregnancy, preparing my mind for birth after caesarean, believing in my body, and a hell of a lot a breastfeeding, I've grown in confidence, strength, and found my calling. As a book nerd turned birth nerd I'm called to read everything and write whenever I get a second to gather my thoughts between the school run and cleaning up yogurt finger prints. With the residual brain of each day I love to share experiences and support with mothers on my Facebook group 'How to Have a VBAC'.

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