Overwhelming joy as baby was put into your arms. Overwhelming strength as you cuddled and fed through the night. Overwhelming love as you nurtured your baby into a toddling actual person. You didn't have time to think let alone process your birth.

And plus who wants to talk about your previous birth? Why should you still even care? Shouldn't you have your body 'back'. Have your life 'back' by now?

But your previous birth still seems to matter so much. Especially now as you have thoughts of a new pregnancy or the clock is ticking NOW as the weeks of pregnancy fly by.

But your previous birth does matter as it's a significant moment in your life. And there are ways to heal and accept your experience.


When was the last time someone asked about your caesarean birth? And maybe your other births?

When was the last time they really wanted the real answer, not just the polite 'fine'?

Saying what we feel without judgement. Crying, getting angry, or laughing at the ridiculous in the world. No interruptions form the kids. No one talking over you. No one rushing you along so they can say there piece.  

This never happens right!

The time to talk through your birth story with someones who gets you and cares for you is is so fucking cathartic. Time to unpick and reflect and process what's happened.

Having time to talk through your feelings seems so basic, even too basic to do anything! But it has for so many women and it might for you too.

I say might because I'm not trying to flog you a dodgy FIAT. This maybe for you, it may not be. There are talking therapies, hypnotherapists, books, midwives, and doctors who can help you too. Especially if you have PTSD, or trauma you may need more specialist advice. You are the expert of you and your journey to healing, go with what feels right for you.

So what is Birth Story Listening?

This is your space.

Your space to talk.

To unpick the tangle of emotions which have been squished down.


What I love about birth healing is that I provide the space which as a trained doula and through my work as a mental health peer supporter I know is so important, then you can be you. Be accepted, accept yourself, and reflect on your inner world.


And that is what makes birth healing just so let's eat cake fantastic:


Having the freedom to talk, allows you to process, to offload, to uncover, and be OK with not being OK.

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I'm scared to even think about my VBAC. Can Birth Listening help?

I actually hate anyone claiming there is one method to heal or to feel positive about birth. 

I do feel that Birth Listening can help because we have alot to deal with. We have a big heavy bag of baggage containing good and bad from our last birth, which needs to be looked into and sorted though before we can pack for the next trip.

The reason I feel so many women talk about a healing VBAC, is not just because of the VBAC (though oh god it helps), but because you have to unpick, and heal what happened so you can face birth again.

Any one can really benefit from Birth Story Listening. You could of had a negative birth or a positive one. You could be disappointed, or traumatised by the experience. Having a space to process that may help.

If you have had a traumatic experience you may want to see specialist help first because you may need more support when first talking about your experience.

Your birth, your experience deserves to be talked about not hidden away.

Book at a session with me today. I can't wait to talk to you.

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