How are you feeling about your birth?

Is your mind doing some mental gymnastics every time you think about your birth? You really want a VBAC but you’re full of worry which makes you question that desire? Then you wonder why you’re struggling to sleep!

Are you questioning that your body can even birth? So you seeking out birth stories in ever increasing numbers  – yet you’re still left thinking what about me and my individual circumstances? Can I even have a VBAC? Do I even want a VBAC? How is anyone meant to make these choices!?!

Do you want this birth stuff to be done (If that’s how you feel YES you can admit it here) or in the very least could the future send a quick text and tell you how it’s going to work out so you can just stop thinking about the what-ifs?

Are you ready to do something for YOU which is even more relaxing that a massage. OK so massages are amazing but what about being emotionally relaxed? So you can be the best you (not anxious car off a cliff you).

How do I know?

Because I asked every single one of these questions as soon as I got those double lines show up on the pregnancy test.


This is the place where you can release the worry you feel and instead feel New Years awesome about your birth and skydiver confident around your choices.



Because you can believe in your body. You don’t have to be riddled with pressure to make the ‘right’ decision or regret the consequences. You can get off the anxiety rollercoaster. Talk to medical professionals without feeling worried for days and come away having asked your questions in a way that allows you to make decisions, coming from a fully informed place.

Ready to Feel Great About Your Birth?


What it would be like to sleep well tonight?

You no longer feel the pressure from inside your gut or from those around you to have a perfect birth. You know whatever happens on the day will be the right birth on the day. That you have the tools to relax and knowing you're giving your body the best chance.

You know the day that your birth begins you will be excited about what is to come, you will look at your birth partner and see the love in their eyes (not the blind panic). So they hold your hand, tell you it’s going to be OK, and you actually believe them! You trust your body. You know that however your birth turns out you will be in control of the decisions that are made. Your birth partner will be asking questions whilst you close your eyes and imagine yourself on your favourite holiday’s beach. Breathing, visualising, feeling your baby and their last hours within you.

Then your baby is born. They make that wonderful transition into our realm and you can hold and/or look and be in awe of their utter newness. You know you will remember these moment, this day, because of how wonderful it is. This moment with your special baby.

You’ll remember it being the right birth for your baby, for you, for your family because you prepared for this. And really it comes down to your miraculous baby who is the sweetest blessing in the world.

I just know you’re going to love it! So attend Session One and if by the end of the session you are not already feeling that you can totally rock your birth I will, with a smile, refund your course fee.

3 Easy Steps


  1. Click here  and fill out the attached form with your details.  Note: We will discuss suitable dates after your submission (part of the beauty of individual sessions).

  2. Within 24 hours you will receive a personal email from me welcoming you to the course and providing you with all the details you need to confirm your booking. IF you have requested a phone call I will phone you at your desired time and talk birth.

  3. Once we've some suitable dates we can confirm your booking YAY!

“The course changed my perception of the birth. Before the course I felt apprehensive about the birth, but after the course, I felt a lot more positive and confident. Our birth was the best we could have on the day and our baby is very relaxed and hardly ever cries.”

Sarka & Dan

Start the Positivity Now With:


The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme


The Wise Hippo is hypnobirthing and then some. I offer everything you need so birth preparation is ticked off your list and all you have to do is practice. I have the relaxing, fear releasing, awesome hypno stuff but also the practical, birth planning, positions for birth, and info you need to trust that your body totally can birth. All with showing your birth partner how they can really be a part of your baby’s birth (not just a bystander).


That’s not even the best part. As a mother who read everything she could, trying to find some calm when I was pregnant with my second much hoped for VBAC baby. Scared as hell. Grabbing every good story I could hear I found that hypnobirthing was really helpful, but that there was a focus on a certain type of birth. You know the intervention free homebirths, which are lovely (I mean I’m planning one for my third child they’re great) but I was having a monitored hospital birth because that is what made me feel safe for that birth. The focus on one sort of birth sowed seeds of doubt in my mind. I could not teach a course where the emphasis is on natural (yuk hate that word of course because I have an unnaturally birthed son) but the whole point with The Wise Hippo is that it’s about The Right Birth on the Day. For you. For your baby. For your family.


I will prepare you for the birth YOU want. Not the birth your mother, your friends, your doctor or I would like you to have. And then even with a curve ball throw into your path you will still be in control.  Shouldn’t be a revelation right!


And even EVEN better The Wise Hippo has additions so that we can focus your preparation for your circumstances. If you are a VBAC mummy, have a breech baby, are planning a caesarean you can still benefit from the control and tools which make your birth truly positive and empowered.


So what do you learn? Here’s a breakdown of each session.


Session One:

The Information

So if our bodies are soooo designed to birth why do we need a course? Good question! We’ll learn why birth sometimes is and sometimes isn’t a piece of cake, how our bodies are really trying to help us along, and how we can get our minds into the right place to allow that process to happen. And we’ll learn the first of many tools for you to breathe through birth too – woohoo!

Now that we’ll be getting so positive we’ll move away from the negativity of others and feel good about ourselves and our strengths by becoming more familiar with your cloak of protection.

I’ll hand over your Wise Hippo book and you’ll get your access to download allseven MP3s. Your kit to get fully prepared for your birth.

Session Two:

The Relaxation

Get your mind around about how this hypnosis stuff works, find out about the different forms, and even better, how to use them straight away to feel great about your pregnancy now and excited for your birth.

You will be given the opportunity to practice your birth with your birth partner so you can share what it is like to support and be supported during labour. And I’m not talking about an awful role play where you pretend to birth like someone off Eastenders. This is a really cool relaxing script which will become a game you can play with your birth partner, but really does get you practicing breathing, feeling calm, and being supported – we practice walking down the aisle for our wedding so why not for birth?

Session Three:

The Planning

Let’s talk about birth planning. And I’m not just talking about the plan you put in your green file. I’m talking about how do you want the environment, how do you want to be supported? How you’d like to be supported by the medical professionals and how to stay in control of the process – and you don’t even need to study for a doctorate in the next two months.

This is where you meet your fear release. This is like the cherry on the top of the Sunday Hippo Ice Cream Split of a course. You’re going to love it. You and your fear release will soon be BFFs.

Session Four:

The Birth Partner

I always say if it is difficult for your birth partner to attend then this is the one they should make it to (if at all possible). We will talk about how they can support and discuss in length their role in the birth process (which really is a role that is so often underestimated and is so important for you.)

We will also discuss and practice positions for birth, breathing your baby out, and how to relax through your whole birth.

We’ll recap and discuss as you will have learnt so much over the full four weeks.

You’ll be introduced to The Sea of Serenity. A script designed especially for your birth – yay!

Bonuses Along the Way

  • The Practical Preparation Pack: Crammed with further reading, useful information, websites, and anything else I can find which maybe helpful for you.
  • The Birth Support Exercise: This is a little game for you and your birth partner all about getting you both on the same page so you can feel secure, understood and can let out a sigh of relief because you are not doing this alone.
  • Birth Affirmation Cards: Create positive routes in your subconscious by filling your life and home with happy words.
  • The Confidence Card: A wallet size prompt on how to structure your questions during appointments and during birth so you can have all the information you need to work with the medical team and have confidence in the decisions you’re making; therefore control of your birth experience. After all there is a world of difference between feeling you’re being pushed down a certain path and choosing to go down a path yourself.

The Details


All sessions taught privately.


Attend in Person:

Option one: Bring The Wise Hippo into your home and create that relaxed atmosphere for your practice. All you need is a telly, a DVD player and a cup of tea. I will supply everything else, including the finest chocolate digestives. Let me know when you are free and we can work out the best dates for you. (Within a 20 miles radius of Stotfold, Herts).

Option two: Attend your sessions at my home in Stotfold, Hertfordshire and I’ll make the tea.


Attend by Skype:

If you are out of the local area I offer The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme via Skype. The course content is the same and all materials are posted to you in advance. I charge the same for the Skype course as I do for the ‘in person’ course as I want you to know that all the materials, support, and attention will be given to you at the same level as couples I teach face to face. The only difference is that I’m in your living room on a computer screen.


Who: In a perfect world birth partners would attend each session but this is not always possible in reality – if this is the case for you I suggest doing the final session with your birth partner and the other three sessions just us (you will have the book and MP3 so you can share the information at home).


When: The beauty of a one to one course is when is best for you. If that is when the older children are in bed, during the day with the toddlers climbing, or at the weekend. You get to choose.


How Long: There are four sessions each 2.5/3 hours long (depending on how much we chat). These are usually taught over four weeks but can be taught over two weeks if time is of the essence.


Cost: £350 per couple (birth mother and birth partner)

Full payment required to secure your booking.

Payment plans available on request.


Includes: You get The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme book and seven MP3s so you've all you need for your relaxation journey. You will also received full tuition by myself during the sessions and by phone and email during and after. You also get to watch a great birth each week (inspirational not scary I promise).


And lets have some fun xx

Who is this programme for?

  • Any mother who wants to banish anxiety and fear and believes (even if it is deeply buried) that she can have a positive birth.

  • Mothers who have had one or more caesarean(s) and would like a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean.

  • Mothers who are considering a VBAC but doesn’t (or is unable) to know which way their birth is going to go.

  • This programme is great for a VBAC but equally necessary if you are birthing by caesarean. These techniques have helped many women who have had a caesarean birth: Stay calm in the lead up to the decision to opt for a caesarean. Any fear release around your choices and/or before the day. Breathe through the post op procedures and have a positive caesarean knowing you had the right birth on the day.

  • Anyone who wants to take their birth seriously, wants to take time practising, and getting the most out of the birth preparation, but also wants to have fun along the way!

Arrange a phone call so we can discuss your journey.


Positive VBAC Herts & Beds

A closed facebook group where we can all support each other, discuss local hospitals, HBACs, VBA2C+, and have a positive birthy place.

Hypnobirthing Meet & Chat

Second Tuesday each month, 9.30AM in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

More details available on Facebook or contact me.


Calm & Relaxed VBAC Group

A closed facebook group for anyone in the UK or beyond who wants to connect with other mothers planning their positive births after a previous caesarean.